Мануал subaru impreza gf

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Did you end up ordering it? I have never seem one in stock at my local dealers.

derekbaranczuk 06.11.2016 - 08:01

We're now in the market for the new Impreza Sport hatch in 5MT or the upcoming Crosstrek if they offer it in MT. Since dealers aren't carrying any MTs in stock anywhere, we might finally surrender to the 800 CVT, which obviously gets better mileage, better for resale, and Eyesight becomes available. My real concern is how much acceleration and fun driver involvement the CVT kills. MT is also a millennial theft deterrent...

Phrancis5 15.11.2016 - 00:13

I agree drive by wire is more of a pain with a manual. I had a 2010 ranger with a throttle cable and just got a '12 focus with drive by wire, both manual. I'm not used to rev hang so I'm still trying to get used to it

1985 Kx 06.12.2016 - 04:06

What do you think of the plastic intake manifold, probably not as good for long term reliability? Thanks.

nickolastiguan 01.01.2017 - 02:44

I just got a 2017 Impreza sport manual hatchback. What would be your advice on how to moderately increase hp and not ruin the Warranty. Cold air intake? Subaru Turbocharger?

Joao Alvarez 03.01.2017 - 01:01

2018 is going to have Direct Injection

Joe Blo 30.01.2017 - 19:55

Was the Eyesight offered to you or how come you didn't get it? Trying to decide between 2016 Rav4 or 2016 Crosstrek. Thanks

Rei Matsuo 16.02.2017 - 03:29

is it diesel or petrol???

MaximumEfficiency 10.03.2017 - 01:25

and... for those who want to wait for the completely redesigned Crosstrek with the new chassis, the new 2018 Crosstrek has debuted at the Geneva auto show today 372017:

Justin Time 31.03.2017 - 00:42

I drove my 2016 crosstrek limited from Louisville, Ky to Portland, Oregon at around 200.

Ron Bushaw 22.04.2017 - 11:53

I'd go for the cvt. I love a nice high gear for highway speed.

Mark Brand 19.05.2017 - 07:32

I really wish you would drive the CVT version and do a comparison video.

Stephen Daniel 01.06.2017 - 13:02

He loved his STI until it was stolen............ Compares what it is repeatedly to his STI

Cravin R1 04.06.2017 - 22:20

I just bought the 2017 w CVT about an hour ago. Great car. I was already a subscriber and was pleasantly surprised that one of my favorite Youtubers also considers this car a good choice. Cheers

Erich Haubrich 03.07.2017 - 12:23


Stefan Koelsch 22.07.2017 - 03:39

Hey can you do a video about the charcoal filter in the intake of the crosstrek? I have one and have seen in many XV forums that a lot of people are taking out the charcoal filter saying it adds a little more power since airflow is unrestricted?

Wombo's World 19.08.2017 - 13:21

Funny: I just went the other way from you.......... traded my 2014 CVT TOP Crosstrek for a 2017 WRX. My only problem with the Crosstrek was the power...... of lack of it...... My wife's daily driver is a 16 Forester, so we still have a trail car. Had the suspension modded on the Crosstrek, it handled well for a Crosstrek. Have fun in your Crosstrek, hope you enjoy it.....

Scott Abbe 14.09.2017 - 02:09

so the mpg meter is a vacuum gauge in a fancy dress.

A Fool With A Tool 22.09.2017 - 12:29

These things are everywhere up here.

Alex F 24.09.2017 - 09:47

Can you give me the coordinates of the road you're driving in the video? I want to look into that area to build a home. Great video review of the Crosstrek That car is fantastic

Dennis Michael Weber Sculptor 16.10.2017 - 18:30

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Мануал subaru impreza gf

Мануал subaru impreza gf

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