Аккумулятор на рено флюенс

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  • Опубликованно: 13.04.2017
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Комментарии (20)

Top tip. Thanks

Gordon Neish 14.04.2017 - 01:30

To open the plastic bit, put the key in between the gap and twist it.

Shining Star 14.04.2017 - 06:16

Really useful! Got new battery replaced in no time at all my key was for a renault captur, but exactly the same as yours. Thank you!

Leo P 14.04.2017 - 15:51

Thank you

Komruz Zaman 15.04.2017 - 13:08

Many thanks do the clips that help me change my key u r a star

Darren Moss 17.04.2017 - 00:24

Thank you, made it easy to do

Barry Gillies 17.04.2017 - 13:36

Thanks for the tip

Nuno Barros 19.04.2017 - 08:53

Saved me a trip to renault. Thanks so much

Reginald Molehusband 19.04.2017 - 15:00

Sorted thanks

Malcolm Walls 20.04.2017 - 07:31

Thank you helen. I couldn t have managed this without your clear instructions.

21.04.2017 - 13:55

Very helpful thank you

Joan Brindle 23.04.2017 - 04:07

Thank you

24.04.2017 - 23:19

Thank you nice and clearly done!

Ted Yeoman 26.04.2017 - 04:19

Thank you so much as the instructions in the manual were not clear! Saved me from breaking my key card!

Nay Nay 27.04.2017 - 05:31

Thanks for the tip, all done for less than a pound!

Gaoler1234 27.04.2017 - 16:48

I was as many here fiddling with the card about to break it in half when i found this video. Thank you for not making me break my card.

Tg Leviathan 29.04.2017 - 01:09

Very helpful thanks helen!

Violando Percival 29.04.2017 - 09:42

Thank you great help

Acd Of Lancashire Ltd 30.04.2017 - 14:28

Thanks helen, this was very helpful. The cap cover is so tough and i didn t want to break it and having to fork out for a new key. Was a two man job in the end, crazy.

Chris Giles 01.05.2017 - 02:36

Use the end of the key to twist then end i think it was designed to do that. But thanks for this, as i was worried i d break something.

Tony Drake 02.05.2017 - 10:14

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