Мерседес cls class

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  • Опубликованно: 26.07.2017
  • Продолжительность: 00:20:01

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What i don t like about this car is that it has only seats.

My Beautiful And Amazing Mistress 27.07.2017 - 05:09

I m hunting wabbit

Torque Of The Devil 27.07.2017 - 12:33

Thanks for the great review! But i would like to ask you. Happyrider ? Is it possible to have those multi spoke wheels on a cls ? I m thinking about purchasing a cls and add those wheels on it. Is it possible? If so what would be the price of the set of wheels?

Zishadows 28.07.2017 - 20:09

Amazing review! Greatly liked it. Thanks.

Skamalzare 30.07.2017 - 13:03

Ae parts are d segment cars.

Jamie Budam Lanbert 30.07.2017 - 18:42

D segment mean the bad quality cars group.

Jamie Budam Lanbert 31.07.2017 - 16:37

Man that analog clock is just so out of place

Blitz Wolf 02.08.2017 - 00:47

Does this car have a sports mode for the exhaust or what?

Blue Bomber 04.08.2017 - 00:18

Thanks for the review. I like this body style the original cls.

Sunnflowerr11 04.08.2017 - 16:27

Nice review. Could you please do a review the new dodge charger hemi please!

Dejavusx 06.08.2017 - 08:44

Hey great review. Few questions why they call the cls a coupe when it a door sedan? The front high gloss diffuser. Isn t that a cheap piece of chrome plastic like the kind you see around some cars window trim? Did they shorten the cls? It looks a lot shorter than in previous years. Before it was almost as long or as long as the s model, but this looks like it is a little longer than the cla. In your opinion do you think this is worth, with only hp? My opinion mercedes wasted time and money on r d and production. Did they mercedes tell you how many units they think they are going to sell here in the states? Msrp from, wheel size front diameter. Width rear diameter. Width horsepower hp ft. Lb engine. L v fuel tank capacity. Gal. Wow the price on this cla is outrageous also but a better bargain than the cls. Damn you can get this cla amg up to k for a. L cylinder turbo you are reeling going to be in love with the car to tick each box to pay k fees so k mercedes amg cla msrp from k to k horsepower ft. Lb engine. L turbo. . K you can get a c cpo in like new conditions or a c cpo with performance package and lsd or e. Performance package with lsd or even cls like new with performance package with lsd cpo mercedes just really confused my on their marketing and line up for also a used sl is a little cheaper that the new gt and the sl is faster. Anyways great review thanks for sharing. I can not wait until you get to review the new bmw m and of course all the other cars before the m gets here tim

Silversleeper484 07.08.2017 - 21:34

Beautiful automobile. Thanks for the review!

Iceomat 08.08.2017 - 18:50

I know i ll get hate for this but those tail lights are so freaking ugly, it ruins the car for me.

Nathan Brown 09.08.2017 - 16:42

Great review as always btw could you do the new ml review or have you already done one?

Snazmc 10.08.2017 - 17:34

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Мерседес cls class

Мерседес cls class

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