Мазда 6 2014 размер колес

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Комментарии (20)

I would love to see a review on the mazda gt? Would you get the kia optima sx over the new mazda ?

Jwchoi721 16.11.2016 - 16:21

Can you get an update on the infotainment system on models?

Imstilllooking 17.11.2016 - 14:24

Only songs? ? ? Lol. That is a lot to me.

Bobzeda 19.11.2016 - 13:22

Great review as always. Keep it up.

Rich J 19.11.2016 - 22:56

I am a quiet freak. How would you compare mazda, subaru legacy and nissan teana?

G00Degg 20.11.2016 - 09:14

Hi, i like your review, why dont you do a review for the mazda

Foos Lau 20.11.2016 - 14:17

I mean

Currdog77 21.11.2016 - 08:25

I thought the mazda was by far the biggest the ever was in the u. S. ?

Currdog77 21.11.2016 - 20:56

Great review. Thanks bro!

Hamed Dadgour 22.11.2016 - 03:54

Hi alex, can you pleeeease review the updated mazda ? Im really considering buying it but i need to know what you think of the updated model. Thanks

Isaac J 23.11.2016 - 04:42

Alex, when are tou going to review mazda ? Thankyou

Cici Nemo 24.11.2016 - 11:40

I just use an aux cable for ipod but blue tooth for my phone

Mark Williams 26.11.2016 - 06:51

Who the hell has songs, no wonder the system has trouble reading and analyzing the device.

Jordan Vines 27.11.2016 - 08:30

Alex i m always amused at your way of measuring trunk cargo capacity by placing yourself in the trunk itself. Although this technique may be beneficial to a mafia syndicate or colombian drug cartel, the rest of us are more concerned with the number of suitcases or grocery bags it will hold. Perhaps you may have a darker past than you are letting on. As usual your reviews are the best on youtube, hands down.

J High 28.11.2016 - 05:14

Hi alex, great review as are all your reviews! Now that the revised mazda is out, i m hoping you get a chance to review the new igrand touring trim. From what i understand, it seems to address many of the issues noted by you in this review and by others in the comments below with an improved infotainment center and a sport mode for those willing to sacrifice some mpg for performance, perhaps even the noise deadening. I specify the igt model as it appears that that may be the only model that s had its styling updated with new front and rear fascias as well and is the model i m most interested in purchasing.

Tom Eisenmenger 29.11.2016 - 18:41

I had a big debate over sonata, mazda, and kia optima. I think i m going for mazda for the lower price and better gas mileage than optima even though i think i like the looks of the optima a bit more. Questions i think i heard you say that and basically have no differences, right? Would you recommend waiting for the ? Any thoughts on buying used over new for this car? Would be a major upgrade from my very old car.

Madeausername 30.11.2016 - 10:38

Did you do a child seat video for this car?

Ethanjbo135 02.12.2016 - 09:01

How noisy is the interior compared to the accord? If this car is truly gutless and noisy i may just buy another accord, even though it s boring.

Tony V 02.12.2016 - 15:02

When are you going to review the all new subaru legacy?

Angel Walker 03.12.2016 - 12:29

Alex, any word on when we can expect your review of the cx? Thanks!

Arif Demirel 05.12.2016 - 10:54

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