Реле форд мондео 4

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I have a focus i hook my jumper cable bsckwards what did now it will not stsrt an say engine failure on a message on the screen

Nikki Foster 31.08.2017 - 07:47

Hey mate, i have nearly the same problem with my ford focus. When i turn the key nothing happens except a click. When i try it more often it works again. Do you think it s the same problem? A mechanical told us we have to replace the starter for about nz. Thanks for answering.

Leon Hagemeister 01.09.2017 - 16:45

Does the starter attempt to turn over?

Filoiii 02.09.2017 - 14:43

Hey bro, i have a focus. L. Vin. Zetec w auto trans fucus is what i call it. What motor is in yours? Wish i had a manual? Mite b faster? I never knew much about em till months ago when i got this. , it seemed fine then, weeks after i got it, everything started going wrong with it. Piece by piece. It s easier say the things i haven t done on it then list all the stuff i did! Anywho, i d like see the inside of ur ashtray. Mine doesn t have that little cig emblem on it but mine is felt lined would burn if i used it as a ashtray. So wsup with urs?

Dj B 02.09.2017 - 22:36

It work for me thankyou! From pr!

Christopher Jimenez 04.09.2017 - 06:31

Stopo smoking that much weed idiot!

Rasmus Clausen 05.09.2017 - 05:38

Can this be a reason why i had incidents since last thursday where i had to turn the key twice to start the car? I have a ford focus and i had the ignition switch replaced this past january after that went up and i hope that isnt starting to go again. I know there could be the starter as well as the lock cylinder. Or maybe an issue with the anti theft chip in the key. I know the primary fob i use isnt working so i manually unlock the door with the key when i use the primary key.

Mrwill1985 07.09.2017 - 03:43

Thanks a million

Destiny Carter 07.09.2017 - 16:37

I can not locate this part i have a ford focus please help

Destiny Carter 09.09.2017 - 09:25

Can you please post the part number for this? I am overseas and am having a hard time finding the replacement part fuse relay number. Thank you.

Pagos Place 10.09.2017 - 02:46

Hey its me again, same shit happening as shown in the video, unfortunetley there is no such a replacement parts in my city, is there any car models that might have similar starter relay that might work? I just need to test it to see what is the problem?

Deividas Deividas 11.09.2017 - 16:26

My start relay just will not come out. Not sure what the hell is going on.

Mrdskinny 12.09.2017 - 21:21

You rock man thanks alot for the video!

Diego0O7 14.09.2017 - 19:27

Nice, thanks!

Dutchess Jefferson 16.09.2017 - 02:54

I have the same problem wth my ford focus automatic i wll check the relay tomorow thank you and i will let you guys no ok

Lise Dumont 17.09.2017 - 16:30

So is that the same relay from another car? Or will any relay that fits in the slot work?

Jonathan Girard 18.09.2017 - 04:53

I have a ford focus automatic and it s doing this intermittently. I m not sure if it s the relay or something else, but i will try this and see. I originally thought it was because my key was starting to crack, but now i have my spare key, and it still does it. I was going to try tapping on the starter to see what happens before watching this video

Sonicboomc98 19.09.2017 - 14:27


Lolaster222 20.09.2017 - 09:22

Hi little elmo, i have a focus but automatic, there is a switch behind my brake peddle which is similar to that on your clutch pedal but i assume its the brake light switch?

Stuart Austin 21.09.2017 - 14:39

I have had a problem to start my ford focus automatic and i thought that i ll have to change the starter, my car was sitting for days in front of my house, i had to take a bus to go on a job. But after i saw this video. My car is back on track! . I didn t even had to change relay. Just to take it out. Blow in it, and put it back, and that was it. My car runs again! Thank you so much for this video!

Legionar Hr 22.09.2017 - 09:07

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