Помпа на форд транзит 2 4

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Hi luke, we are facing a strange problem on exactly the same ford transit. Di van as the one you were working on. Without any type of warning the engine abruptly closed down on us with white fumes, impossible to restart. We suspected a fuel problem because of dirty fuel. Emptied the tank, cleaned all, changed filter. Everything worked fine for a few days, then boom again same problem. We then tought maybe the fuel gage was giving wrong info, so we refilled the tank, but only half the volume would enter, so it wasn t empty, but surprise surprise, after a while, the van accepted to crank up and again ran for a few days before giving up again in exactly the same way! ! ! ! We dismounted the egr valve, found out it had already been short cut by the previous owner plate between flange of exhaust connector andvalve body we cleaned it up anyway, but considering it was shorted, we dont believe this was the cause of our trouble. Do you know if there is any strainer somewhere in this bosch pump, or any other sensitive point where aghost could be hidden in the fuel system? ? ? ? ? ? Thanks a million for your time.

Daniel Cassiers 27.07.2017 - 23:18

Hi mate, am currently in the process of buying a new diesel pump bosch i been told that new are already plug and play so no coding needed. On my ford transit. Mk duratorque, i have removed the top manifold on to get access to the pump it was a pig to do that last bolt. Hahahahaha. Anyways i took the diesel pump off but didn t use the yellow locking ring, just to reassure top cams are pos to o clock chains i have marked before i took it off bottom crank at o clock and on the diesel sprocket a small indicator points to o clock, any top tips for when installing the new pump and do i need the yellow locking toolkit cheer mate. Oh the crank is locked off around the back of the engine. Thanks again

Bobbyultra Singh 28.07.2017 - 19:22

My dad payed the shop euros for a new fuel pump with install ofcourse. Is that a normal price you think?

Budro 30.07.2017 - 11:08

Hi, did you have to time up the engine and lock the pump or is there only one way the pump can go?

Mark O Brien 31.07.2017 - 03:18

Hi mate ive got a ford transit swb and i dont know where the fuel pump is can you help

Callum Sar 31.07.2017 - 18:30

Hi mate, think my pumps gone too on my transit minibus. Di duratorq. Lad came out plugged diagnostics in and came up with codes, p injection pump controle module communication p fuel pump monitor low input. Before i spend a shit load on a new pump and locking ring etc i thought id deffinately make sure its the pump st as i was told it could just be the wiring? What do you reacon mate? And how easy was it to remove the pump? Cheers.

Finding Freedom 01.08.2017 - 06:40

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Помпа на форд транзит 2 4

Помпа на форд транзит 2 4

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