Рутан фольксваген

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How much did volkswagen pay chrysler to use their concept?

First Last 27.11.2016 - 04:45

My mom use to have this van and she had a ton of problems with it. Sometimes the car wouldn t start, the transmission would stop shifting the gears, and just too many problems to describe really. I do not recommend buying, which sucks, because it could have been a really nice car.

Heyitsme 28.11.2016 - 00:30

I had a se and except for the deer that jumped into it, it was an awesome car. Easy fixes that were minor. Awesome in rural areas and storms. Kept everyone safe.

Mymonkeyminions 29.11.2016 - 15:45

I have a and love the way it drives on the highway at high speeds. It can go mph at just rpm and you can accelerate so easily. Mine has the. Vvt. Its a really nice vehicle for my family. If its a chrysler then it can get worked on by many mechanics. This isn t a lemon. Have put over, miles on it already and its been great.

John Bossnack 30.11.2016 - 08:32

Great video do you have anymore? Oh i recently misplace my key do know where i can get an inexpensive one and i would need it programed too.

Myviews 30.11.2016 - 13:47

Ha, volkswagen does not make this vehicle. Chrysler does. Trust me, i have one and long pos lemon vehicle story short, we have had it a year and a half and have had to replace so many things that should not have had to be done. Nice on the inside, but a lot of work and as mechanics have told as, as well as vw themselves, this is manufactured by chrysler.

Lindsay Call 01.12.2016 - 07:49

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Рутан фольксваген

Рутан фольксваген

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