Su c1000 аккумулятор

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Is there a video on here of the engines spec with the valves and gear box and what not?

Fatrollie 15.02.2017 - 19:59

Bmw it s great the best

Imad Imad Biskra 17.02.2017 - 10:27


Chris Korol 17.02.2017 - 18:54

Im poor but if i work i can buy one but needs years of working or more so please if some one can help me with the price pls!

An Innocent Internet User 19.02.2017 - 01:25

I bought one of these. Handling is amazing. Real looker as well

Stuart Barriskell 20.02.2017 - 06:25

The different headlights makes it look like an inbred monster serial killer you keep in the basement. Not unattractive. But different. And scary.

Brandon Tran 21.02.2017 - 08:43

Only sounds good near redline. Other than that sounds like a moped lol

Drotegu6 21.02.2017 - 16:47

I just dont like the sound. Like yeah sure, it looks great, and yeah it wins races, but it just doesnt have the charisma of an rsv, or a panigale.

Shadowlancer128 23.02.2017 - 13:02

Love this bike hp, love gommeblog video.

Azim Hp4 Bikers Budiman 24.02.2017 - 03:09


Серый Рыба 25.02.2017 - 03:50

Up arrow is down, but later corrected. Was this how you recieved the bike from the factory?

Jeremy Meiring 25.02.2017 - 22:08

Nice voice over. Not

Mike Painter 27.02.2017 - 03:30

This bike is an experience to ride. Not too many out there comparable. So many adjustments available and great handling. Enjoy the ride, thanks for the video it encouraged me to purchase this bike.

Joseph Marton 27.02.2017 - 21:51

Ahhh. No music. Just me and the beauty.

Fiqri Samat 01.03.2017 - 03:44

When you first buy an s rr the rev limiter is set at, rpm but after you break it in or when you go to do your miles service, thats when the redline goes to, rpm

Dizzy Brown 03.03.2017 - 01:18

O lyu sc k what some action? Hp competition on race mode test on twisty road.

Whyzul 04.03.2017 - 20:42

Best bike ever

Akimbo Slice 05.03.2017 - 22:48

What mistake?

Emanticipation 06.03.2017 - 17:26

Best bike ever

Sergio As 07.03.2017 - 17:23

I didn t see specs i saw acessories and options. Then sound.

Stig Cruise 09.03.2017 - 11:28

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Su c1000 аккумулятор

Su c1000 аккумулятор

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